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    1. Hello

      Thank you for your comment posted on the wild way website. We have checked the spelling of the first two or three posts both reading and with spellcheck and cannot find any spelling mistakes (please bear in mind the spelling is English English and not American English).

      We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulty in reading the posts but can only surmise this is a matter of style and not spelling mistakes.

      Some readers might find slang words like “mufti” (as in non-uniform) and “bikras” (as in speed bicycle riders wearing Lycra) and bell birds (as in cyclists who sound their bells) annoying but the posts are quite casual – our main intention is to log all the wildlife we see and recognize over a year whilst I am recovering from an ankle injury.

      We do hope you will still check the website
      Kind regards


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    1. Hi there

      Thanks for the tip – how very kind of you. But here’s the thing, Wildway doesn’t get that many followers/visitors so I doubt that it will be of any particular value to advertisers. Also I find advertisements pretty annoying when reading newspaper websites etc. and assume any readers of my posts will feel the same. However, it’s an interesting suggestion and I will certainly check out Boorfe’s tips.

      best wishes


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