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  1. Hi,

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  5. Hi there, just reaching out as I am looking for a small piece of land to rent for growing microgreens and vegetables.

    I have been learning to do this since leaving the Army a few years ago.

    I am reliable rent payer who is hard working, I am looking for someone who would be interested in renting for either cash or for a percentage of the havest.

    I am hardworking and reliable, but also easy going. The last place where I stayed I was always flexible, if something needed moving or needed to be dug I was happy to help.

    I would also be a good addition to security with my experience in the Army and private security.

    I am looking for a quieter way of life now and would be grateful if you have anything available or have any suggestions?

    Kindest Rergards



    1. Hello James

      We really wish we could offer you a piece of land to grow vegetables but the Wildway route is a Sustrans cycle path made from a disused railway line and embankment, and the Wildwater route is the river and bank through a farmer’s fields which he allows us to walk to do our otter suvey.

      No doubt you have tried firms like Cooper & Tanner who sell farms, agricultural land and organise live stock auctions so know lots of farmers who may be amenable to renting out land? If not, it might be worth a punt, costs nothing and the can only say no!

      Good luck in your search – do hope you are successful soon.

      kindest regards
      Joyce & Graham


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